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The Footwear Designer will integrate their thorough understanding of Fashion Trends, Market Conditions, Consumer Expectations, Technologies, and the Manufacturing Process with their design excellence to develop the next generations of ELIS footwear products within the casual, sports and fashion athletics lines.

You will influence the respective categories and cultural events knowledge and experience relating to how the current and upcoming Fashion Trends might influence the consumers’ buying decisions, covering a vast demographic and multi-cultural area.

In addition, you'll use your knowledge in respect to Design, Development and Market Relevance to collaborate with Marketing and Sales personnel on projects to maximize effectiveness and salability.




  • Create innovative and affordable footwear design concepts (2 times per year for SS and AW collections)
  • Work with Design Management, Development and Marketing personnel to collaborate on Design projects to maximize effectiveness and build product to target cost.
  • Understanding of fashion trends and directions through travel, shop the markets, Tradeshows and researching the competition.
  • Create accurate cads quickly and efficiently.
  • Build and present seasonal product strategies and trend boards.
  • Constant interaction with Merchandisers on all aspects of product line plans, briefs, colour palette, pricing, themes, graphics, and strategies.
  • Work with developers in Europe and Asia on line schedules and adhere to the product calendar, ensuring development projects are on track.
  • Working with factory team to coordinate and develop new materials, constructions, processes and procedures.
  • Working with factory team for getting prototypes and samples executed to reflect the concept and design you created.
  • Knowledge and understanding of competitors top sellers, technologies, styling, colours, strategies and pricing.
  • Innovation through fashion forward new designs and technologies




  • Ability to sketch shoes accurately and proportionately & provide detailed specifications.
  • Must understand the footwear production process at the factory level.
  • Must have advanced skills in Photoshop / Illustrator and 3-D design programs.
  • Must have great communication/presentation skills and work well with others.




  • Bachelor’s Degree in Footwear Design, Fashion Design, or Graphic Design (OR) 4-6 years related work experience.
  • Should have a minimum of 3-5 years of progressive, shoe designing experience and knowledge of shoe constructions and materials.

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