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The concept behind Elis Sports originated in 776 BC, in a town called Elis; where the stage of a neverending pursuit of athletic performance is set in an ancient Greek theatre. This was the beginning of the Olympic Games.

Within the region of the city-state in the northwestern corner of the Peloponnes, a city now known as Iliá;

Champions of athletic prowess were crowned with the highest honour of the land. 

And through the act of granting the fastest, fittest & strongest competitor the title of a champion, we as humans have since never ceased the search of individuals that transcends mediocrity into greatness.

The team behind Elis Sports dedicates everything into furthering that spirit of the constant growth of human performance.




A collection that offers the elements at the core of every champion: Pride, Quality and Consistency.


A collection that embodies the vision given by the founders of the Olympic games: the idea of an unyielding persistence to become the best.


A collection without compromise.



Elis Sports | Inspired by Champions